Treatments that can be done with the supervision of a physician and treatments that can be done by yourself


Health Effect


Alone or with physician

Immediately - Lower total load of triggers that affect the body. Avoidance of chemicals, moulds, electromagnetic fields and foods. This is the basis of treatment.

Over time, reduces sensitivities and lessens symptoms

Clean air and water and organic food. Remove all toxic chemicals, mould, reduce or eliminate electromagnetic fields, use only safest products.

By yourself.

Stop the spreading phenomena as soon as possible

Over time, reduction of sensitivities and symptoms

Using Serial Dilution End Point Titration or Provocation Neutralization

By a physician.

Build up nutrients required to detoxify with supplementation of vitamins and minerals.

Helps to overcome impaired detoxification pathways

Testing can be done on serum levels of vitamins, minerals and amino acids

Help of a physician



Removes heavy metals from the body

Hair, urine, intracellular analysis (most of this testing has to go to US labs)

By a physician

Detoxification (your towels should be washed separately after using the sauna. Use towels to sit on - do not let the sweat come in contact with the wood or seat of the sauna)


Removes chemicals and heavy metals

i) Exercise


iii) Agents to remove toxins for example cholestyramine, charcoal, psyllium, bentonite and chlorella

iv) supported with vitamins and minerals

Patient has to be given the protocol by a physician and followed to make sure that electrolytes are in balance

Elimination and 4 day rotation diet

Identifies food allergies or sensitivities and lowers total load


By yourself


  1. The physician must be a trained in Environmental Medicine. The sooner a patient is figured out, the better. If a patient has to wait a long time to be treated by an experienced professional, the less chance there is of getting their life back.
  2. Discipline is required by the patient to follow instructions and not try to take short cuts. There is no magic pill.