A.) Basic principal is to lower the total load of triggers that affect the body.

B.) Build up the nutrients required to detoxify.

C.) Give the patient an environment with clean air, food and water.  Also avoid triggers of things to which one has become allergic, which are usually derived from air, food and water sources. 

Thus, it becomes important to be tested to find out what one has become allergic to. Testing is best done with an Environmental Doctor who can do serial end point titration, or Provocation Neutralization. These techniques identify triggers which must be avoided or the patient will find the symptoms worsen and reactions become more frequent. 

D.) Detoxify using:

  1. Heat Depuration (Sauna)
  2. Agents to remove the body’s bile salts which carry the toxins, for example cholestyramine, charcoal, psyllium, betonite,  and chlorella.

Toxins can be identified in different body compartments including: urine, blood, hair, sweat, and body fat. One can measure heavy metals, and chemicals in the body, including persistent organic pollutants, which are stored more in the fat.

It is important to remember that we all have a unique blueprint from our DNA that determines how well we can detoxify, these traits are inherited from our parents.